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February 21, 2024 Frank Demming / Joshua Schneeloch Season 5 Episode 233
Marketing Solutions for Local Law Firms
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Show Notes

Joshua Schneeloch was born in 1969 in a tiny German village, a black orphan abandoned on the first day of his life. The son of an unwed white German woman and an anonymous Black-American GI, the baby Joshua was given up for adoption at birth and grew up cloistered in a secluded Catholic convent in a bucolic German village, nestled on the southwest border of France. Raised by nuns, young Joshua knew nothing of his birth family and therefore struggled to create an identity for himself in a world where he was unlike anyone else around him. During his childhood, Joshua lived an amazing life but always longed to understand his place in the world.

After leaving the convent – emancipated and alone -- as an 18-year-old young man, Joshua began to discover himself, or more accurately, to create an identity for himself, as if painting on a plain white canvas. He joined the German military for three years and became an expert marksman and driver. He began to venture out into a world unlike anything he experienced in the 19th-century monastery he grew up in, learned to speak English, and went back to school. He traveled for the first time to America in his early 20s when he met the brother of his nun, Siegfried, of Siegfried and Roy fame, in Las Vegas. Not soon after returning to Germany, Joshua was discovered by one of Europe’s top fashion designers and soared to fame and celebrity in an instant.

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