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Meet The Attorney: The Power of Empathy in the Law

October 11, 2023 Frank Demming / Duane Light Season 4 Episode 214
Marketing Solutions for Local Law Firms
Meet The Attorney: The Power of Empathy in the Law
Show Notes

Duane Light has been a licensed attorney for over 30 years. He has seen people's cases suffer because of debilitating emotions and not knowing how to be most effective in the legal system. He became a certified meditation teacher and developed a process to mentally, emotionally, and physically "tune up" his clients so they can be calmer, more focused, and strong for their case.

He became aware that everything was important when interviewing clients: their pain, worries, regrets, fears, anger, and the whole social, historical, and personal background of their drama. He learned that his clients needed to be fully heard and understood.

As he began to incorporate more meditation and emotional aspects into his work with his clients, he gained insight into how to help them effectively resolve their cases, whether through negotiation, mediation, or trial.

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