Marketing Solutions for Local Law Firms

Common Online Marketing Mistakes Most Law Firms Make

January 18, 2023 Frank Demming Season 4 Episode 176
Marketing Solutions for Local Law Firms
Common Online Marketing Mistakes Most Law Firms Make
Show Notes

Making one, some, or all of the following mistakes could cost your law firm much-needed growth! Awareness is the first step to setting your firm up for online marketing success:

1.  Not knowing your ideal client and creating a marketing strategy that focuses on their interests, pain points, demographics, and how they search for businesses on the internet.

2.  No clearly defined online marketing strategy and metrics.

3. Failure to personalize content throughout your online marketing campaign that focuses on building a relationship with your ideal client.

4. Neglecting to identify and use marketing campaign KPIs.

5. Not taking the time to understand analytics and the picture they are trying to paint for you.

Using innovative technologies, we can narrow in and reach your target audience.  Explore how we can help you meet your lead generation goals. 

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