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Omnichannel Marketing, Is It Really Worth The Effort?

November 16, 2022 Frank Demming Season 3 Episode 167
Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses
Omnichannel Marketing, Is It Really Worth The Effort?
Show Notes

Research says so! 80% of consumers state they much prefer omnichannel marketing strategies. The reason—it boils down to the seamless communication experience that comes with omnichannel marketing. When businesses actively utilize an omnichannel strategy and approach they are able to connect to their audience and provide:

1.  Personalized messaging.

2.  Convenience—consumers are able to shop and get notifications through their favorite channels, easily make purchases on their devices, and pick up orders in-store.

3.  It saves the customer time. Instead of bouncing from channel to channel to get questions answered, view products, or make purchases, it is done from the channel they feel most comfortable with.

4.  Build brand loyalty through optimized customer engagement.

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