Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses

4 Steps To Keyword Research Your Law Firm Should Be Following

November 09, 2022 Frank Demming Season 3 Episode 165
Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses
4 Steps To Keyword Research Your Law Firm Should Be Following
Show Notes

Keywords may not be a sexy topic but it is a critical one. With the right keyword strategy in place, it will positively impact the visitors and conversions your website impacts. Keyword success starts with research. Below are 4 steps to keyword research success:

1. Brainstorm. Pull your team together and brainstorm a list of keywords that targets the type of client you want to attract.

2. Watch your competition. Take note of the keywords they are using and where they place in internet searches.

3. Monitor the conversation. Turn to social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to tap into what your target audience is talking about, the questions they have, and the help they need.

4. Experiment with Google. Head over to the search bar and begin to type in a general term that aligns with your goals. Pay attention to Google’s autosuggest feature. It will give insight into popular searches for that topic

Your keyword strategy is critical to your success. We can help you get it on point! Using innovative technologies, we can narrow in and reach your target audience.  Explore how we can help you meet your lead generation goals. 

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