Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses

Why Your Law Practice Isn’t Growing

August 31, 2022 Frank Demming Season 3 Episode 155
Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses
Why Your Law Practice Isn’t Growing
Show Notes

If you are gaining more frustrations instead of clients, it’s time to take a hard look at why your law firm isn’t growing. Some of the top reasons are:

> Outdated marketing strategies that rely on expensive tactics like print, radio, direct mail, and television ads

> A website that isn’t optimized for the way people search or for how they use online content

> Marketing budgets that don’t include a well-rounded digital marketing campaign

Changes you can make include:

> Develop a lead generation campaign that focuses on creating conversions

> Improve SEO to help your firm appear in organic searches

> Create a content marketing plan positioning you as the authority in your space

> Participate in multi-channel marketing strategies

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