Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses

LinkedIn Features You Must Know About in 2022

July 20, 2022 Frank Demming / Jennifer Wilner Season 3 Episode 149
Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses
LinkedIn Features You Must Know About in 2022
Show Notes

The roots of Seeds Digital run deep and began with Secretary Central, which was launched in July 2012. The rebrand to Seeds Digital in the spring of 2022 was purposeful. The evolution from Secretary Central to Seeds Digital demonstrates how our business has grown from a virtual assistant partner and blossomed into a full-service digital marketing agency based in Edison, New Jersey.

 With your business marketing and growth being the primary goal of Seeds Digital, it’s only appropriate that we are based in the garden state and launched our rebrand during the spring; a time for fresh beginnings and the germination of new life. It’s all a terrific metaphor for what Seeds Digital will do for your business!

At Seeds Digital, our experienced marketing professionals partner with business owners and leaders like you to achieve your business goals for expansion. We identify your target market, analyze your company’s online presence, and build a superior marketing strategy to nurture and grow your business online and beyond. When we are working for you, YOU are our only client!

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