Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses

Do you know where your Cyber Liability leaks are in your business?

June 08, 2022 Frank Demming / Ryan Barrett Season 3 Episode 132
Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses
Do you know where your Cyber Liability leaks are in your business?
Show Notes

Ryan Barrett is CEO of ORAM Corporate Advisors and has been with the company for over 15 years. As a longtime cybersecurity specialist with deep knowledge of financial compliance, Barrett has seen technologies evolve into one of the most critical components to ensure a reliable and scalable operation. He has worked in many different facets of IT – from non-financial institutions to legal and education, to name a few. With his years of expertise in project development, network design, domain migration and upgrades, email, security, and storage area networks, he has a vast understanding of complex business procedures and corporate infrastructure to meet the needs of ORAM’s customers. In 2020, ORAM Corporate Advisors was named one of the “Best Cybersecurity Companies” by Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.

ORAM primarily works with businesses in the financial, medical, legal, nonprofit, and more recently, education industries. He and his team provide strategic consulting for each business.

Before his work with ORAM Corporate Advisors, Barrett was Vice President of Network Services with Essex Investment Management Co, LLC. While there, he designed and implemented a co-location in Chicago and an integrated business continuance data center. In addition to those experiences, Barrett was a Consultant at Everynetwork Incorporated and the Chief Information Technology Officer at Jackson Construction.

An emerging thought leader in both technology and cybersecurity, he has been included in many respected media outlets including Forbes, TechTarget, Information Week, and Business News Daily.

Barrett holds a B.S. in computer engineering from the Wentworth Institute of Technology and resides in the Metro West region of Boston with his wife and kids.

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