Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses

Your Funnel Isn't Broken, Your Relationship Is

April 20, 2022 Frank Demming / Breanna Gunn Season 3 Episode 125
Marketing Solutions for Local Businesses
Your Funnel Isn't Broken, Your Relationship Is
Show Notes

Breanna Gunn is a messaging and funnel specialist, working with business owners and entrepreneurs to create messaging and processes that inspire loyalty, momentum, and action that leverage trust, authenticity, and profitability.

Brea believes that you can replicate yourself, find contractors to help you that are as passionate about YOU as you are about your business, and sell your products consistently, instead of having huge cash flow stops and starts.


  • Crafted bespoke, custom messaging and funnels that have generated over $10mil in sales
  • Increased conversions from click through to sales by 260% over the previous quarter
  • Doubled membership numbers from the previous launch
  • Increased client’s revenue by 300% over the previous year
  • Ghostwritten over 10,000 articles, emails, social media posts, video outlines, and campaigns
  • Grown a client’s email list from 0 to 3,000 in less than 3 months without ad spend
  • Developed follow up engagement campaigns for Tedx and keynote speakers
  • A decade of designing and building effective sales funnels.
  • Created sustainable funnels that generate 5-figure months, consistently.
  • Clients are able to get back to what they want to be doing – creating new products and serving their customers.

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